Charged Up

Step 1: Plug

Charging at Electrify America DC fast charging and Level 2 stations is simple. Choose a compatible connector and plug in.

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Step 2: Pay

The Electrify America app gives you an easy way to pay for your charge. We even offer reduced per-minute pricing if you sign up for the Electrify America Pass+ subscription. If you don’t want to download our app, you can also still use your credit or debit card to pay at the station. 2

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Step 3: Charge

To get notifications on the status of your charge, download the Electrify America app or enter your mobile number at the charger at the start of your charging session. You’ll receive:

  • A notification at the start of your charge
  • Updates on your vehicle’s charging status
  • Your receipt

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Get Back On The Road

Step 4: Go

You’ll be alerted when your charging session is complete on the charging station screen. If you downloaded the Electrify America app or gave your mobile phone number, you will be alerted on your phone as well. This way, you can monitor your vehicle’s charging status and know when you can get back on the road.

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