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A better way to charge is in your pocket

The Electrify America mobile app makes charging with us even easier. Now, your entire charging session can be managed right from your phone. Download and discover a seamless way to charge.


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Locate a charger

With the Electrify America app, you can find a charging station near you and even get directions. Our Locate a Charger feature shows you all the charging stations in your area, how many chargers of each type (CCS, CHAdeMO, and Level 2) are at the station, and which ones are currently available. Become a member, and you can even see the charging status of another vehicle using our charger and get notified when the charger becomes available.


Standard per-minute cost
+ $1 session fee


Reduced per-minute cost
+ $4 monthly subscription fee

Pay for a charge

No need for credit or debit cards at the station. Now, you can upload your payment information into the Electrify America app and pay for your charging session through your phone. Start by picking a membership plan that’s right for you. Electrify America Pass has no upfront cost, so you can pay by the session at the standard price. Electrify America Pass+ is our subscription plan that offers reduced per-minute prices.

For all charging sessions, a $0.40/minute idle fee is applied after a 10-minute grace period so that others can have the opportunity to recharge too.

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Track your charging session

While your vehicle is charging, you can check its progress in real time. This way, you’re free to grab a bite, shop, or run errands while your vehicle charges. If your vehicle communicates it, the app will show you your battery’s current state of charge (SOC) and the time until your battery reaches “bulk,” typically around 80% SOC.

You also can choose to get notifications when your charging session has started, slowed, and stopped. Once your session is complete, the app will show you your receipt.