Pricing and Membership

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Pick a payment option that's right for you

With the Electrify America app, you can pay right through your phone. We offer two easy ways to pay for your charge: Electrify America Pass and our Electrify America Pass+ subscription program.


Standard per-minute cost
+ $1 session fee


Reduced per-minute cost
+ $4 monthly subscription fee

With Electrify America Pass, there are no upfront costs. This is a good option for drivers who don’t need to charge regularly. Electrify America Pass+ is a new monthly subscription plan that can save members about 20 percent on every minute of charging as compared to non-subscription prices. This is a great choice for drivers who charge frequently outside their homes.

Don’t want to download the app? You can also “pay at the pump,” so to speak, with a credit or debit card.1 This per-minute price is the same as Electrify America Pass.

Don’t forget to move your car after it’s finished charging. A $0.40 per-minute idle fee is added to your total session bill if your vehicle is not moved within the 10-minute grace period after your charging session is complete. We do this to ensure more people have a chance to charge. The app and the charger screen will let you know when the idle fee is going into effect, so you can unplug your car in time.

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Know the pricing before you charge

Electrify America’s charging costs are by the minute. These per-minute costs are dependent on your location and the power level in which your car is placed at the beginning of the charging session. This new pricing structure is called power level pricing.

We’re aiming to keep prices as low as possible, while giving you more chargers, with faster speeds, in better locations across the country.

Our DC fast charging stations have a range of 50kW, 150kW, and 350kW chargers. These kW values refer to the maximum power each charger can provide. Each charger is labeled, so you know what kind of charger you are using and its maximum power.

You can see the charging costs at a particular location before you begin your session by tapping the “Help” button on the charger screen. Or, log in to the app, and select the station where you’d like to view the charging costs.

To see current Electrify America pricing, choose a state, then select from the available chargers.


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DC Fast pricing is determined by charger location, pricing plan, and the power level in which your car is placed at the beginning of the charging session. Pricing is subject to change. Please refer to the charger screen for the most up to date pricing and power levels available for your session.

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How does power level pricing work?

Once your EV is plugged in, your car will tell the charger the maximum power it can accept. This will determine the power level into which you’ll be placed, and the associated per-minute cost for your entire session. We automatically put you into the highest power level available at the charger that is compatible with your car’s charging capability. This is to ensure you get the fastest charge possible.

You may notice the speed of charge fluctuate throughout your session. Each model of EV charges differently, and charging speed can also be influenced by factors such as weather, the age of your battery, and your battery’s state of charge when you begin the session. However, once you’re placed into a power level at the beginning of your session, the per-minute price will stay the same throughout the session.

You’ll be shown the power level in which your car is placed at the start of the session. Your power level pricing will be shown on the charger screen or on the Electrify America app.

Here's what happens when you charge:


Power level is determined

car charging

If your car tells the charger that it can accept a maximum charging power of 95kW, for example, it is placed in the “1-125kW” power level.


Per-minute price is set for the session

car charging

The power level set at the start of your session determines the per-minute price, which stays the same throughout the session.


Session begins, but charging speed may vary

car charging

The charging speed may fluctuate throughout your session, based on the model of your car and factors such as weather, the age of your battery, and your battery’s state of charge when you begin the session.

1 A temporary authorization of $50 will be applied to all credit cards, which will be released after final billing takes place by your card provider.

2 DC Fast pricing is determined by: Charger location