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Part of our mission at Electrify America is to ensure pricing transparency before you charge. Charger-specific pricing can always be found by navigating to the "Pricing" button on the Charger Ready screen on charging stations themselves.

Electrify America DC fast charging stations display clear, up-front pricing. Electrify America charging will include the following elements: $1.00 session fee + per minute charging cost + idle fee of $0.40/minute (if applicable). Our introductory charging cost pricing is $0.30 to $0.35 per minute of charging.12 

Session fee

$1.00 / session

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Charging Cost

$0.30 / min. to $0.35 / min

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Idle fee

$0.40 / min (if applicable)

12Pricing and fees subject to change. Session Fee: Pricing and fees subject to change. Charging cost: Electrify America’s pricing will vary by region. Actual charging cost are displayed at each charging station. Idle fee: Current idle fee is $0.40 per minute and starts 10 minutes after the charging session is complete. Pricing and fees subject to change.