Our Plan

Over a ten year period ending in 2027, Electrify America will invest $2 billion in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and education programs in the United States. Of this $2 billion, $1.2 billion will be invested nationwide (in states other than California), while $800 million will be invested in California, the largest single ZEV market in the world. This investment represents the largest of its kind ever made, and it will provide long-overdue solutions to ZEV stakeholders

Electrify America, based in Reston, Virginia, is currently implementing the Cycle 1 National ZEV Investment plan, the Cycle 1 California ZEV Investment Plan, and the Supplement to the California ZEV Investment Plan. Over the first investment cycle, Electrify America will invest in ZEV infrastructure and awareness to support increased adoption and use of ZEV technology and to show more Americans that going electric is not only possible but beneficial today.


Charging Infrastructure


Electrify America will establish a comprehensive, technologically advanced, and customer-friendly charging network -- to drive EV adoption by reducing charging anxiety.

In its first ZEV investment cycle, Electrify America will establish a network that includes non-proprietary electric vehicle chargers (CCS, CHAdeMO and J1772 standards) at over 650 community-based sites and nearly 300 highway sites across the country.

  • After a methodical and data driven analysis taking nearly six months, Electrify America selected seventeen metro areas including Boston, Chicago, Denver, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.
  • Community-based charging station sites will be built in workplaces, retail (shopping centers, restaurants, etc.), multifamily residential locations and municipal lots and garages, as well as high-speed community depots that will feature fast EV charging at speeds of up 150kW compared with today’s peak of 50kW.
  • Highway sites will be located along high-traffic corridors between metropolitan areas, including two cross-country routes, and will include between four and ten 150kW and 350kW individual DC fast chargers at each location before June 2019.
  • These sites will be located no more than ~120 miles apart and on average just 70 miles apart. Many shorter range EVs will benefit from 50kW DC fast charging on the Electrify America highway network, including any CHAdeMO equipped vehicles.


ZEV Awareness and Education


Although modern EVs have been on the road since late 2010, fewer than 50% of all Americans have ever heard of a Zero Emissions Vehicle and even fewer (about 34%) have ever researched one.1 This data helps support why ZEV market share is well below 1% nationally simply because EVs are not being test driven or purchased.

Electrify America will tackle this challenge head on and intends to develop and deploy a national awareness and education campaign directed at car buyers not yet in EVs. We have already conducted a rigorous study categorizing all vehicle buyers into common “segments” of wants, needs, and avoidance reasons surrounding going electric, as well as their preferred communication channels (e.g., social media, television). Using this study, Electrify America is developing a marketing and public relations campaign that will feature advertising, social media, learn and drive events, and other brand neutral approaches to building EV awareness and consideration in the United States.


First Cycle Plans


After six months of work, including over 600 contributions from a national outreach campaign on the Electrify America website, we received approval from the EPA for our first cycle national plan in April 2017. The California Air Resources board approved our plan in July 2017 after Electrify America supplemented its original submission to address some additional criteria requested by key California stakeholders.

Public versions of both the EPA and California plans are available here.

Our plans are intended to provide a blueprint for all our activities through June 2019 and list our specific approach for charging infrastructure deployment across the United States including location, technology, customer experience, and other important criteria. We have also summarized the proprietary methodology we developed to guide geographic and technology considerations behind our deployments down to the census tract level or highway exit ramp. Our awareness and education campaign and our Green City concept for California are also profiled.

Although planning for Electrify America’s Cycle 1 investment is largely closed, we welcome all submissions (comments, ideas, recommendations, guidance and proposals) on the content, development and implementation of the ZEV Investment Plans for our second investment cycle, which begins July 2019, at the link here or under our “Contact Us” tab.


 1 Strategic Vision (2016). New Vehicle Experience Survey.