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Electrify America charging stations

Our investment plan

Electrify America LLC is investing more than $2 billion in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) charging infrastructure, brand-neutral ZEV education efforts, and ZEV access initiatives. We strive to support environmental sustainability, empower our communities, and drive equity and diversity goals with these investments.

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Help shape our future plans

To assist in planning our company’s investments, we welcome the following types of input from governments, non-governmental organizations, and researchers. If you are interested in hosting an Electrify America station at your business or property, please use this form.

Education & access

We’ve invested approximately $100 million in brand-neutral ZEV education and access efforts. Our aim is to increase ZEV awareness and access in all communities, while promoting equity, diversity, and environmental sustainability. We welcome feedback on the impact of our education activities.

Future charging station investments

For our July 2024 to December 2026 investment cycle, we accept assessments of charging infrastructure needs, how EV charging investments impact our communities, and feedback on current public charging infrastructure performance and quality.

ZEV policy in your community

We recognize local state government policy impacts EV adoption rates and the economic sustainability of EV charging infrastructure. We therefore consider the local EV policy environment when planning future charging station investment locations.

We want to hear from your organization

Long-term ZEV Investment Plans offer an opportunity to evaluate new information, revisit past assumptions, and weigh feedback. Electrify America is now accepting submissions on the latest research and analysis regarding future EV charging infrastructure needs for our July 2024 to December 2026 investment cycle. Submissions must be completed by May 30th, 2023 to ensure sufficient time for review and consideration.

Follow the guidelines and fill out the form below. You may upload up to three pages of supporting documents (research papers and data reports are exempt from this page limitation). An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Please note: This page is for governments, non-governmental organizations, and researchers to submit input on Electrify America’s long-term investment planning. Electrify America is not soliciting or accepting grant requests. If you are in need of customer support, please visit our customer assistance page or contact us at 1-833-632-2778.

Terms of submission

Submissions shall not contain protected personally identifiable information (e.g., a social security number), or any information that may constitute a trade secret, or that may be viewed as proprietary and/or confidential, including a patentable invention or a novel business idea. Please review Electrify America’s Terms of Use (“TOU”), and our Privacy Statement prior to submitting any information. All submissions shall be subject to these Terms of Submission, the TOU, and our Privacy Statement. Under the terms of the Consent Decree, any information you submit to Electrify America LLC (collectively “Electrify America”) through may be shared with various governmental entities, and your suggestions about how Electrify America should invest in infrastructure, access, and education for zero-emission vehicles may get incorporated into Electrify America’s business plans. Electrify America, and any of its current or future parents, subsidiaries, corporations, business entities, trusts, commonly owned corporations, or any other entity owning, owned by, controlling, controlled by, or under common control or ownership of an entity and their permitted successors and assigns (collectively, “Electrify America and its Affiliates”), may use or not use any submitted information in any manner that they desire at their sole discretion with no obligation to you. Electrify America and its Affiliates have no obligation to keep your submission confidential and may publish, publicly disclose, use, or redistribute your submission and/or its contents for any purpose in any way. You should NOT submit any information to Electrify America in which you have asserted, or intend in the future to assert, any interest. By submitting information to Electrify America in this process, you hereby waive any and all potential rights, including intellectual property rights. Your submission and its contents automatically become the property of Electrify America, without any compensation owed to you. Any dispute will be resolved by arbitration, with the losing party to pay all costs and fees.