Electrify America is hard at work building the nation’s largest open DC fast-charging (DCFC) network. To date, we have over 400 ultra-fast DCFC stations and 1,800 chargers online, and we are targeting 800 stations and 3,500 chargers by the end of 2021.

In parallel, Electrify America has begun planning for the third cycle of our $2 billion ZEV Investment Commitment to advance America’s electric mobility future. As we build our plan, Electrify America is eager to hear your thoughts about new ideas and opportunities that could help shape our investments. It’s an exciting road, and we are geared up to encourage and support more drivers to go electric by building a robust national charging network and increasing electric vehicle education and access across America. We look forward to hearing from you.

Each ZEV investment cycle offers Electrify America the opportunity to consider new information, revisit past assumptions, and solicit feedback. We will update our analytical models, monitor new technology and public policy developments, track evolving consumer expectations, and explore the merit of allowable Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Investments during the planning and development phase of each ZEV Investment Plan. Electrify America is a data-driven company, and we will use relevant and appropriate information to optimize the impact of our investments.

To assist in drafting our Cycle 3 National and California ZEV Investment Plans for the next 30-month investment period, which applies for the time period of January 2022 through June of 2024, we are specifically looking for the following types of input:

1. Suggestions and Data Relevant to Cycle 3 Investments — Specific inputs from your governmental entity or organization that are helpful to our decision-making process. These inputs include the following:

  • Unique opportunities to work with your organization in deploying impactful and financially sustainable ZEV investments;
  • Specific actions your organization or state/local entity is taking to support EV adoption by taxi and ride-hail vehicles;
  • Anonymized usage data from existing charging stations (DCFC and L2) in your community;
  • Current/expected ZEV infrastructure plans or strategies for your community; and
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) data and/or adoption perspectives, especially with regard to medium and heavy duty vehicles.

2. Information regarding ZEV Policy in your Community — This option provides local governments and leaders with the opportunity to provide information about the policies and incentives available in your community to increase ZEV adoption

3. Education & Access Suggestions — Suggestions concerning Electrify America’s approach to education and access or specific events we should consider for participation.

4. Specific site locations: Specific site locations you would like to nominate for consideration in Cycle 3 infrastructure investments.

5. Cycle 1 and 2 Comments and Feedback — Specific feedback on Cycle 1 and 2 National and California ZEV Investment Plans, including approaches to metro and highway charging station locations, evaluation of their use cases, and integration of new technology.

6. Vendor interest: Electrify America is not soliciting specific proposals at this time. However, if you are a vendor seeking to understand our RFI and RFP processes, you may register your interest through the submission box below.

7. Event invitations: Suggestions for specific events we should consider for participation.

8. Other: All other comments or submissions that relate directly to Electrify America’s ZEV Investment Commitment.

All submissions are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. .

To submit, please follow a few guidelines:

1. Documents: Please fill out the form below. You may upload supporting documents, but please limit written submissions to three pages maximum to ensure that your proposal is reviewed.

2. Scope: Electrify America is not soliciting or accepting grant requests. Instead, Electrify America seeks advice, suggestions, and data to guide our ZEV investments. These investments must be made with the economic sustainability of our business in mind.

3. Deadline: Electrify America respectfully requests all submissions by 5:00pm PST on August 14, 2020 to ensure our team has sufficient time to review and fully consider the content in our Cycle 3 investment plans.

TERMS OF SUBMISSION: Submissions shall not contain protected personally identifiable information (e.g., a social security number), or any information that may constitute a trade secret, or that may be viewed as proprietary and/or confidential, including a patentable invention or a novel business idea. Please review Electrify America’s Terms of Use (“TOU”), and our Privacy Statement prior to submitting any information. All submissions shall be subject to these Terms of Submission, the TOU, and our Privacy Statement. Under the terms of the Consent Decree, any information you submit to Electrify America LLC (collectively “Electrify America”) through may be shared with various governmental entities, and your suggestions about how Electrify America should invest in infrastructure, access, and education for zero-emission vehicles may get incorporated into Electrify America’s business plans. Electrify America, and any of its current or future parents, subsidiaries, corporations, business entities, trusts, commonly owned corporations, or any other entity owning, owned by, controlling, controlled by, or under common control or ownership of an entity and their permitted successors and assigns (collectively, “Electrify America and its Affiliates”), may use or not use any submitted information in any manner that they desire at their sole discretion with no obligation to you. Electrify America and its Affiliates have no obligation to keep your submission confidential and may publish, publicly disclose, use, or redistribute your submission and/or its contents for any purpose in any way. You should NOT submit any information to Electrify America in which you have asserted, or intend in the future to assert, any interest. By submitting information to Electrify America in this process, you hereby waive any and all potential rights, including intellectual property rights. Your submission and its contents automatically become the property of Electrify America, without any compensation owed to you. Any dispute will be resolved by arbitration, with the losing party to pay all costs and fees.

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