Our Investment Plan

Investing in an electric future

Over a 10-year period (made up of four 30-month “cycles”), Electrify America plans to invest $2 billion in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, access, and education programs in the United States.


Of this $2 billion, we’re investing $800 million in California, one of the largest ZEV markets in the world.

We plan to invest $1.2 billion in the remainder of the United States, providing support to current electric vehicle owners and those interested in learning more about the benefits of driving electric vehicles.

Electrify America’s National and California ZEV Investment Plans serve as a roadmap for what we do to drive ZEV adoption.

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Cycle 1
(January 2017–June 2019)

Building a roadmap

Over this first 30-month investment cycle, Electrify America invested in ZEV infrastructure, education, and access, thereby supporting increased adoption of ZEV technology.

Plans implemented

Electrify America implemented the following plans between January 2017 and June 2019:

Cycle 2
(July 2019–December 2021)

Current investments

The Cycle 2 National ZEV Investment Plan and Cycle 2 California ZEV Investment Plan detail Electrify America’s plans to invest between July 2019 and December 2021. These Cycle 2 investments are enabling millions of Americans to discover the benefits of electric driving. They also support the build-out of a nationwide network of convenient, reliable community and highway chargers.


Electrify America expects to install (or have under development) approximately 800 public charging stations with about 3,500 chargers by the end of Cycle 2.

Marketing efforts are helping to raise consumer awareness of Zero Emission Vehicles.

Cycle 3
(January 2022-July 2024)

Planned investments

The Cycle 3 National ZEV Investment Plan and the Cycle 3 California ZEV Investment Plan detail Electrify America’s investments between January 2022 and July 2024. The planned investments will expand Electrify America’s network of ultra-fast charging stations in new communities and along additional travel corridors, strengthen education and awareness activities, and initiate Electrify America’s second “Green City” project in the city of Long Beach and the Los Angeles neighborhood of Wilmington.

Plan highlights

New metro charging investments in the communities of Dallas, Detroit, Nashville, Orlando, Providence, Bakersfield, Stockton, and many other metropolitan areas across the nation

Expand the nation’s largest open DC fast charging network to highways in all lower-48 states, creating two new cross-country routes and serving 28 new regional highway corridors

$31-35 million of investment in transit, medium- and heavy-duty fleet charging in California

Cycle 4

Looking to the future

Electrify America will establish ZEV Investment Plans for two additional 30-month cycles to guide investments from 2022 through 2026.

Developing new investment plans offers the opportunity to revisit past assumptions, update analytical models, monitor new technology and public policy developments, and consider evolving consumer expectations. Electrify America is a data-driven company and will attempt to use all pertinent information to identify the ZEV investments likely to assure its economic sustainability.

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You can get involved

Help shape our future plans

When developing each ZEV Investment Plan, Electrify America seeks comments, suggestions and ideas submitted through our website as part of our National Outreach Plan.

We also actively seek out input from federal agencies, dozens of state and local governments, Native American tribes, more than a dozen automakers, electric vehicle driver associations, the DOE National Laboratories, universities, think tanks, technology firms, hydrogen refueling station developers, electric vehicle charging companies, and hardware equipment providers.

Your comments, feedback, and dialogue help shape our ZEV Investment Plans so that they create as positive an impact as possible.

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