Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Two EVs charging under an Electrify America canopy

Now backed by 100% renewable energy

One of Electrify America’s primary goals is to support Zero Emission Vehicle adoption in the United States, but we’re not stopping there. Electrify America is committed to a net zero carbon footprint for all energy delivered to drivers. Today when you charge with us, the energy delivered from our network is backed by 100% renewable energy via renewable energy certificates.

An aerial view of solar panels on a solar farm

Our focus on additionality

Electrify America Solar Glow™ 1: Our First Solar Farm

Our first solar farm in Southern California is now operational and creating new renewable energy. Electrify America Solar Glow™ 1 is an important milestone in our commitment to reduce our energy carbon footprint.

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An Electrify America solar L2 station with chargers for two vehicles.

Types of solar charging stations and features

100% solar-powered Level 2 stations

So far, Electrify America has invested $2 million in 30 solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in rural California. These resilient Level 2 (L2) stations aren’t tied to the electrical grid, and they provide drivers in rural areas access to EV charging via renewable resources.

Each station includes a sun-tracking solar array that can charge two vehicles at the same time—regardless of weather or time of day—thanks to co-located energy storage. Each charger offers the ability to charge capable vehicles at a maximum rate of 3.5 kW.

An Electrify America solar L2 station with chargers for two vehicles.

On-site solar canopies

At some locations, such as our Baker, California station, a large canopy of solar panels provides shade from the elements while you charge your vehicle using one of the DC fast chargers on-site.

These charging stations equipped with solar canopies integrate with the local electrical grid, and some are equipped with on-site energy storage, to help us deliver DC fast charging. The solar canopy can also deliver energy back to the grid.

An Electrify America charging station with battery energy storage system.

Building a grid-friendly charging network

Charging several electric vehicles at the same station requires lots of power. We’ve installed battery storage systems in some locations to supplement the grid at peak times, when electricity use is usually at its highest. To date, Electrify America has installed 150+ Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).


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