Subscription Agreement

Effective as of April 10, 2019

By selecting “Confirm” below to sign up for this Electrify America Pass+ subscription, you agree that Electrify America can charge the monthly fee specified under “Plan Details” above to the credit card or other payment method identified under “Payment Method” above. While subscribed, you will receive discounted pricing at Electrify America’s network of electric vehicle charging stations, in the amounts set forth under “Plan Details” for each region. Discounts may vary depending on the region, so please check the Plan Details for more information regarding the discounts offered for charging stations located in your region.

This Electrify America Pass+ subscription will continue until you cancel it, and will automatically renew each month for the same monthly subscription fee, charged to you on the first day of each new month that you are subscribed.

You may cancel this Electrify America Pass+ subscription at any time as follows:

To cancel your Electrify America Pass+ Subscription plan and change to a non-subscription Electrify America Pass plan in the Electrify America Mobile app:

  1. After logging into the Electrify America Mobile app, navigate to Profile icon in top right hand corner of map.
  2. Select the Plan details menu item.
  3. Click on the Choose a different plan button.
  4. A screen will appear with tabs for each plan option available. Select the Electrify America Pass tab and click the button that says Change plan.
  5. A text box will appear titled Confirm change and will include text advising that the requested change to Electrify America Pass memberships will go into effect on the 1st day of the next billing cycle. Select Confirm.
  6. Your Plan details will now display a text box advising of the date your switch to Electrify America Pass membership will occur. After that date, the monthly subscription fee will not be charged to your card on file and you will not receive the relevant discounts.

Electrify America Pass+ subscription fees already paid for the current month are non-refundable. There is no minimum purchase obligation for this subscription, so the specified discounts will remain in effect regardless of how many charging sessions you purchase during the subscription term.