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Find stations, start charging, track and end your session from your smartphone with our app for iOS and Android.

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Need to fill up on the road? Enjoy discounted pricing with our Pass+ monthly subscription plan.

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Renewable Energy & Sustainability

We’ve broken ground on our first solar farm in Southern California. Additionally, every time you charge with us, the energy delivered to your vehicle is now backed by 100% renewable energy via renewable energy certificates.

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Explore our impact on the environment, our community, and people to create accessible and sustainable electric transportation.

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Home Products

Simplify life with HomeStation. Our Level 2 EV home charger offers remote start, stop, and scheduling via the Electrify America app for a streamlined charging experience.

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Have a question or issue with a charging station? Our team is here to help. Call us at 1-833-632-2778 or use our contact form.

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We're leading the charge of fast charging

We’re building out a convenient, reliable, customer-centric network of electric vehicle chargers nationwide—at workplaces, in communities, and on highways.

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