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Power the full potential of your fully electric Kia

Unlock the infinite possibilities of charging on Electrify America’s ultra-fast charging network, compliments of Kia .
Kia EV6 is charging at stations

Evolve with Electrify America

The future of electric mobility can’t wait, and with Electrify America, it doesn’t have to. We’ve built a convenient, reliable, and growing network of over 3,000 electric vehicle chargers coast-to-coast— along major highways and cross-country routes—to take electric vehicle (EV) drivers farther than ever before.

Kia drivers can focus on the roads and possibilities ahead, leaving gas stations and MPG behind.

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Kia EV6 is charging at stations

Go with freedom

Get going with Electrify America’s ultra-fast charging network. Select your Kia model above to learn about available benefits.

Homestation charger installed outdoors

Speed up charging your Kia at home with the HomeStation™

HomeStation brings Level 2 charging—the most practical way to charge your Kia at home—right to your garage, driveway, or parking pad.

You can even manage your home-charging needs through the same mobile app you use to charge on the Electrify America public network. Are you ready to streamline life with your EV? Purchase your HomeStation today.

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