Flexdrive Charging Plan

Promotion Terms and Conditions

Effective as of 12/1/2019

Electrify America and Lyft, Inc. (“Lyft”) have collaborated to provide this charging program to Lyft drivers, for the electric vehicles that Lyft drivers rent from Flexdrive Services, LLC (“Flexdrive”) to give rides to passengers using the rideshare platform operated by Lyft. By clicking “Agree” below, you agree that you are receiving the right to use up to 3 hours of included charging per session for your Flexdrive electric vehicle on Electrify America’s network of electric vehicle charging stations, subject to these Promotion Terms and Conditions. There is no additional fee, purchase, or subscription required for your access to this promotion.

You sign up for this promotion by entering the access code originally provided to you by Lyft into the Electrify America app when prompted. After signing up, you can redeem this included charging time for the vehicle during your initiation of a charging session at any Electrify America charging station, exclusively by using the Electrify America app “Swipe to start” or NFC Pass feature with the appropriate plan selected. The first 3 hours of the charging session are included.


  • There will be a 10-minute grace period immediately after charging has ended, during which you will not be assessed any parking or idle fees. Except for this grace period, included charging time does not include any parking or idle fees assessed at the charging station.
  • This promotion is for your individual use only, with the Flexdrive rental vehicle that you use to provide rides to passengers through Lyft. You may only use this promotion with the account associated with your access code. You may not share the benefits of this promotion with anyone else (including any other Lyft drivers or Flexdrive vehicle renters and/or Electrify America customers).
  • You must follow all product, vehicle, safety, and technical documentation included with your vehicle when charging at an Electrify America charging station.
  • You must use the correct connector type and charge at the correct power level for the vehicle at the charging station.

Please note also that your use of this promotion may be further limited by agreements or other legal terms between you and Lyft, or you and the owner/lessor of your electric vehicle. Electrify America does not have any control over those other third-party agreements, and is not responsible for any such additional limitations or restrictions, even if they conflict with these Promotion Terms and Conditions.

This promotion will automatically end twenty-four (24) months from the date of your initial sign-up, after which you will not be able to access or use this promotion on your account. This included charging time is not returnable or redeemable for any cash value, and may not be sold, loaned, or otherwise distributed to any third party for any reason.

You acknowledge that your use of Electrify America’s services is subject to the Electrify America Terms of Use available at https://electrifyamerica.com/terms, and that your use of the Electrify America mobile app is subject to the Terms of Use accessible by selecting “Legal” in the Account Management portion of the mobile app (accessed by navigating to the Profile icon in top right hand corner of map), then selecting “Terms of Use” & “Privacy Policy.”

You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using Electrify America services, and when charging your vehicle at Electrify America charging stations.

Electrify America reserves the right to withhold, revoke, reduce, terminate, or suspend your access to all or any portion of this promotion, without notice, if Electrify America determines or suspects, in its sole discretion, that you: (a) are in violation of the Electrify America Terms of Use, these Promotion Terms and Conditions, or any other contract between you and Electrify America; (b) have engaged in charging sessions that are excessive, fraudulent, or otherwise indicate an unauthorized or unintended use of this complimentary promotion; or (c) have engaged in any illegal, fraudulent, tortious, injurious, harmful, or abusive conduct in your use of the Electrify America services, the Electrify America mobile app, or an Electrify America charging station.

Electrify America reserves the right to end this promotion at any time before its automatic termination date for any reason, in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you. Following the termination or expiration of this promotion for any reason, your access to the promotion will immediately cease, and you may not use or redeem any remaining portion of included charging time. At that time, your account will automatically convert to a basic Electrify America “Pass” membership account, at no additional fee or charge to you (neither one-time nor recurring). You may, but are not obligated to, sign up for a different type of subscription via the Electrify America website or mobile app.

You understand that the charging program is provided by Lyft and Electrify America and that Flexdrive is not involved in set up or operation of the program.