Plug, pay, charge, and go.

It's easy and fast!

Close up of dual-CCS cables and credit card payment terminal


Choose a compatible DC fast connector and plug in

Electrify America stations feature the major non-proprietary standards, including CCS, CHAdeMO, and J1772, allowing nearly all EVs on the road today to plug in and charge, including Tesla Models S and X.7

When using an Electrify America station, look for the labels that clearly indicate CCS (green) or CHAdeMO (blue) connectors by color. The available power level on Electrify America DC fast chargers, ranging from 50kW up to 350kW, is displayed in these same labels directly below the connectors. The dual charging cables are not designed to charge two vehicles but rather to charge one EV regardless of which side the vehicle’s charge port is located. To ensure the least amount of charging time, the maximum power level to be delivered for a session will be determined automatically by the vehicle. After plugging in, the charger display screen will tell you all you need to know and help you manage the charge session. If either connector is in use, please look for another station that is not occupied, as most Electrify America locations will have three or more charging stations on a site.

Image of CHAdeMO connector face CHAdeMO
up to 50kW

Image of CCS connector faceCCS
up to 350kW

Woman's hand holding credit card


Paying for a charge

The touchscreen display on the Electrify America charger will prompt for payment when the connector is plugged into the vehicle. Credit and debit cards are accepted, and additional digital payment methods will be offered in the near future through the Electrify America mobile app. And as future electric vehicles adopt the new CCS charging system ISO15118 protocol known as “Plug and Charge”,8 Electrify America stations will be ready to support them. A benefit of Plug and Charge protocol is that when the car is plugged in, the charger receives encrypted data from the car, and the payment processing is handled in the background, making the charging experience very simple for the vehicle driver.

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Check your charging progress

If you want notifications about the progress of your vehicle’s charging or a receipt upon completion of the charging session, provide your mobile phone number when prompted on the charger screen. The charging session status messaging feature will provide transparency on the state of your charge. If you supply your mobile phone number, you will receive a text reminder at the start of the charging session, updates if the charging session has slowed or stopped unexpectedly–indicating attention is required at the station–and at the end of the charging session.9 The Electrify America app, coming soon, will also support these same features.

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Get back on the road

Upon completion of the charge, when a vehicle communicates that it has a full battery, it will cease charging.10 At that point, if you are standing at the charging station, signed up for text updates,11 or have our app, you will be notified that your vehicle is done charging, and has completed its session. After a 10-minute grace period, which is provided to allow you time to return to your vehicle, unplug and move out of the charging station to allow for someone else to charge.

7Tesla vehicles can charge at Electrify America stations at 50kW using the CHAdeMO connector and available Tesla/CHAdeMO adaptor.

8Plug and charge is part of the latest revision of the CCS combo standard, featuring the IEC/ISO 15118 standard which prescribes the means by which a charger and network can identify and authenticate a specific vehicle to allow for a charging session automatically, by simply “plugging in,” without the need for supplemental membership cards or fobs.

9Message and data rates may apply

10Subject to an EV's communication with the charging station

11Message and data rates may apply