A charger for your home

Home charging has never been easier

Home charging has never been easier

When you have an electric car, you’ll probably want to use a home charger everyday. So there’s nothing more important than finding one that’s easy to use. Now, not only is Electrify America here for your public fast charging needs, we’re offering a Level 2 electric vehicle home charger that can make charging at home a cinch.

The Electrify America Electric vehicle home charger provides up to 7.6kW charging power—securing up to six times faster charging than a standard Level 1 charger. It’s compatible with all current US EVs.

Learn more about our home charger below, and if you have any questions, check out our FAQs.


Colored light shows your charging status

It’s easy to see your charging status with the LED color indicator. The ring around the charger will flash blue when your car is charging and light up green when your battery is full. In order to save electricity, the light will dim when you move away from the charger.

Indoors or outdoors

The NEMA 3R enclosure protects your charger so you can mount it inside or outside. 1 And our lightweight, 24-foot long cable makes it easy to plug in your car no matter where the charger is mounted.

Flexible Installation Options

For easy installation, the L2 home charger comes with a standard NEMA 14-50 supply power plug, compatible with the 240-volt outlets commonly found in households. The unit can also be hardwired by a licensed and qualified electrician and comes with a docking station that allows for wall-mounting.

3 year warranty, 24 hour support

Our electric vehicle home charger is backed by a 3-year warranty, so you can be confident you’re getting a quality product. And with our 24-hour customer support at (833) 532-2778, we’ll be able to help you—any day, any time.

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Easy installation with Qmerit

We’re collaborating with Qmerit to help deliver a seamless installation experience. Qmerit specializes in EV charger installations across the country. They’ll connect you with up to three Qmerit-certified EV charger installers in your area—getting you the best support available. Click the button below to learn more about Qmerit process and start a survey about your home’s electrical capacity and installation needs, designed to streamline your in-home installation process of Electrify America’s Electric Vehicle home charger.


Frequently Asked Questions About Home Charging Products